A Night Out

*Work in progress*

A Night Out

Start with the face:

primer-liquid-powder flesh

rose-red dusting to make cheeks

slather, blend, rub in

Hide those human imperfections


Accent the eyes:

silver-inked lashes lengthened by coal-black tar

shadow with copper, purple, green

no natural-neutrals

the world needs




Don’t forget the lips:

moisturizing base

pigment found in neon lights

add gloss for shine

make it last —

don’t drink or eat —

it keeps you Thin


One hour to show that I am Me –

Attractive and Confident,

Uncaring of judgments

because I am Beautiful:

hiding in the crowd

with all the other magazine-ad-women

shouting in a whisper of sparkling powder:

Aren’t we perfect?

Don’t you want me?

Don’t you love me?