Chicago Part 1: The Road Trip

The drive from Lancaster, CA to Evanston, IL is 2,000 miles long and takes roughly 30 hours to complete. Add to that a stop here and there to use the restroom, meals to tide us over for 8-12 hours, and car fatigue causing us to turn in early for the night at a random hotel, and you have about a 4-day trip (my dad’s estimate, and he’s the main driver, so what he says goes). We did it in three. And my god am I exhausted.

It didn’t help that I had absolutely no room in the car. I took A LOT of stuff with me, and my parents had to have room for their suitcases. To get an idea, here is the pile of stuff I had to pack in the car. This doesn’t include my purse and travel bag.

And THIS is what my dad and I weren’t able to fit in the car:

Yeah, we’re awesome that way. To be honest, I think the sacrifice was worth it. I’m already freaking out about how much of my stuff I left in Lancaster. (My books: I MISS YOU!) But there was no leg room and no way I could lounge a little bit. Here is what it looked like:

During the trip, we went through 7 different states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa. And although we didn’t drive completely through Illinois, it was close. Evanston is on the very edge, up against the lake. Luckily, most of these states are gorgeous, so the three days’ drive wasn’t too much of a chore.

The States

(Note: I didn’t take pictures of California or Nevada. I’ve lived in the desert all my life, and desert just doesn’t interest me.) Here’s a picture of Lancaster, and if you want to know what those two states looked like, that’s pretty much it. Minus the overabundance of Joshua Trees. Joshua Trees actually don’t grow in very many places, and though they grow in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, there aren’t so many of them in one place in those states, like in Mojave or Lancaster. So we’re actually pretty special in the Lancaster area. I guess. I think they’re ugly, but some people like they way they look.

Lancaster, CA

Somewhere in Arizona

Somewhere in Utah

Vail, Colorado

Somewhere in Nebraska

Somewhere in Iowa

The Mississippi River in Illinois

Notable Moments

– Though it was over too quickly to get a picture, my dad and I saw a perfect dust devil (whirlwind of dirt — see picture below) in Arizona.

– Brighton, Colorado has the biggest, CLEANEST Super Target I have ever seen in my life. And I’ve been to a lot of Targets. I seriously felt like I was in a rich people’s Target.

– Colorado lets people ride their bicycles on their freeways. We saw some idiot who wasn’t even wearing a helmet while riding his bike on the freeway. I don’t see this ever working in California. At least, not in the parts I’ve been to.